Why Choose Cremation

Life is a gift that is celebrated each year for every individual. Every year, you have birthday parties and family and friends come to celebrate with you. Life is celebrated with joy and delight, however, when death comes, it is the time for sorrow and mourning. When death arrives, it is the time to grieve and feel anguish. Death is an agonizing experience for everyone, especially, if it happens to someone very dear to you. Now, there are many ways of saying farewell to a loved one. There is the common discreet funeral held by most people where everyone mourns in silence. There’s also the grander way to do funerals, with several speeches and toasts for the deceased. However, you want to say goodbye to your loved one, it all comes down to your last goodbye – the time when you finally have to part ways.

cremationFor most people, the common in-ground burial is the best way to put an end to things. You bury the dead along with his/her memories with you. For some, this is the easiest way to forget and move on. For some, this is the best way to keep on moving forward even with the loss they have experienced. However, there are some people who chose not to let go and to and continue on living with person they have lost. Of course, you can’t do this with normal corpses. Normal corpses need to be buried in the ground to be decomposed and to avoid the foul odor they will produce, so you really can’t be with the corpse of your loved one. However, there is a way to sort of preserve the remains of your loved one and keep them with you or wherever you go.

Cremation is the process of reducing the remains of a deceased person into ashes. The body is heated at a very high temperature in about one to three hours until what remains are only ashes. These ashes are given to the family to take care of. With this, you can keep the remains of your loved one in your own home and together with your family.

Why Choose Cremation?

Keep Your Loved One with You

With normal burials, you keep the deceased person underground, but with cremation, you can actually keep the remains of the deceased (ashes) with you. If your family has a certain bond or attachment, this will make things easier for you and your family, especially with the recovery.

You Don’t Have To Go To the Cemetery

After cremation, you can have the remains of your loved one with you. Now, you don’t have to go to the cemetery every now and then to offer prayers or pay respects. You can do those at home, where you keep the ashes of your loved ones. It does not only allow you to see it every day, it also allows you to pray anytime you want.

Leave a Legacy/Remembrance

Having a very important loved one with you even in death allows that person to leave you his/her legacy or remembrance. It may become a family heritage that you leave to your children and your children’s grandchildren to let them remember you and the past of your family. It may give them a sense of connection and bond, even when you no longer exist.

Another Option…

If you do not want to keep the ashes of your loved one, you can also throw it away. But not literally throw it away. You can put the ashes in a place where the deceased had a certain connection or just scatter it in the wind and let it be a part of the earth eventually.


Printed circuit boards bring a lot of wonders not only on how electronic devices work, but also on how they support electric components in performing their respective functions. Some people may actually think that, because of the simple appearance of these boards, creating one is easy. However, contrary to their appearance, printed screen boards are even more complicated than the normal looking motherboard, because it involves different essential parts, each of which being crucial to the functionality of not only the board itself, but also the components and the device itself. A person who wants to know more about the PCB must also know how it is made and what materials are being used to create it.

Printed circuit boards are like lasagnas- they are formed with different materials which are layered alternatively and are placed or laminated together with heat so that the end product will be a single object. The materials used in each layer may vary depending on the type of electronic device they support and on the size of such device.

The following are the basic layers of printed circuit boards:

1. Substrate

pcbnetThis is the base material of printed circuit boards. Usually made of fiberglass, this part gives these boards thickness, rigidity, and form (making them suitable for use in some electronic devices, such as tablets). When looking at printed screen boards, the substrate is usually the base part. It is also the thickest and the heaviest of all the layers of these boards since it is the layer that supports all the other layers.

2. Copper layer

This is the layer laminated to the substrate, and this can be attached either on one or both sides of the substrate. This is the part where all the conduction and transmission of electric current occurs. This layer is responsible for the transmission of signals to the components attached onto these boards. Also, this layer may indicate how expensive the electronic device is. The more copper layers it has, the more expensive it is.

Another thing to take note is that it is this part, and not the substrate, that is used in multi-layer boards. For instance, if a person is talking about a six-layer board, it means that such board has six copper layers, not six substrates.

3. Solder mask

This layer on top of the copper layer gives these boards the green color (or any other color, depending on the manufacturer). When electronic devices such as computers are opened, boards with green-colored surfaces have solder masks. This layer is placed on top of the copper layer to insulate the latter from contact with other metals and conductive bits. Because of its insulating capability, solder masks are where the traces of connections are drawn, and when they are overlaid on the copper layer, the copper traces appear.

4. Silkscreen

This is the white layer on top of the solder mask. This layer adds numbers, letters, and symbols to the printed screen boards so that people can easily assemble these boards. Of course, the silkscreen layer also emphasizes important details regarding proper board assembly.

A person who is well-experienced in handling printed circuit boards may label more layers and more parts. Nevertheless, it is essential to know these basic layers (as well as the electronic devices on which they are attached) because in troubleshooting boards, these layers are the ones being checked and repaired, along with the components that are attached to them. Understanding these boards means understanding how each layer works, and how these layers coordinate their efforts to produce that unique kind of intelligence associated with electronics.

Printed circuit boards may come single-layered for simple electric devices. For more details visit pcbnet.com.

Finding The Best HCG Drops

The world of supplements has grown by leaps and bounds. You used to have to know someone or find a health food store to try and get something to help you out. Today, however, you can find supplements just about anywhere, but finding the best is tough. When you’re looking at purchasing anything to help you with holistic movements, you need to look into a variety of options that are going to allow you to gain a semblance of help. That being said, if you take a look at dietary options such as the best hcg drops, you may want to look into a few tips that will help you get the best, and only the best overall.

Look For Ingredients

supplementsThe first thing that you need to look into when trying to isolate the best hcg drops is ingredients. Ingredients will allow you to get moving forward within the right arenas, and you will have peace of mind that you are not being sold a placebo. You have to be careful when purchasing anything related to health because some companies will add a few fillers to make it seem like you’re getting a lot more for your money. Do not fall for that. Read through the ingredients and make sure that you are getting the right balance moving forward. With the right balance, you are going to be able to get the benefits of the supplement, and not just get fed sugar or another element that isn’t in line with what you need.

The Company Background

As you start to look into the right blend for you, make sure that you look at the source that you’re buying from. There’s a lot of companies out there, and some of them are not going to have the most potent blends. Look into whom your purchasing from, and make sure that you look at what they offer, and how they market themselves. A good business in this realms will be transparent and will give you the right information to make a smart decision on what you’re ordering. Just do a bit of due diligence and you’re going to end up with a positive overall movement forward.

The Cost

When you look into the best hcg drops, you will find that cost matters. Make absolutely sure that you look into what you’re buying and the overall cost. When it comes to natural, holistic supplements, you may find that the best may not be the cheapest. There are always competitive prices that you can look into, but make sure that you find a pure solution that is not going to be too outside of the competitive price. Anything that is too low to be true is most likely right. Cost matters, but make sure that you only invest in things that are going to give you purity in product.

At the end of the day, you’re going to want to look for the best hcg drops through the options that are well reviewed. You may find that reviews can help you find the right option for your overall needs. Just don’t assume that you are going to be able to get the best if you don’t look into it a little more. Take your time and make sure that you are looking into the right options. Take ample time to not only get the right blend, but also do some research as to how to help your weight loss goals come to fruition. You could sprinkle in some exercise, change your lifestyle a bit, and work in the parameters of several other options, all mean to help you lose substantial weight.

What Makes a Better Golf Club?

Golf is a sport that relies both on the golfer’s skills and the golfer’s equipment. You would never see a professional golfer use cheap or beginner-quality woods and irons on the course, and it is obvious why. Good equipment makes golfers play well; better equipment makes golfers play even better.

However, how do you know what makes a golf club good or a better golf club? How would you know whether to get Ping, Titleist, or Taylormade golf clubs? The answer is that while the company name might give you an idea of the products they carry, you should judge the product itself before you purchase.

The Feel

One of the biggest considerations you should take note of is the overall feel of the club. As a beginner, you probably will not notice all the intricate differences between a beginner’s club and a professional one, but once you have had a few tastes of the game, your hands will know the touch of a cheap golf club to that of a professional brand like Taylormade golf clubs.

Taylormade golfFor the most part, professional clubs are made lighter than cheaper ones, and while most brands will strive to lighten the weight of their clubs to give golfers an easier control of their swings, no two brands will feel the same for everyone, simply because different companies will use different materials and manufacturing techniques. Of course, certain golf clubs are supposed to be made with wooden or iron shafts, but the materials for these will differ, too.

Another thing to note in the feel department is the grip of the handle. Professional players spend top dollar for golfing gloves that will give them the best non-slick grip on their clubs, simply because a sure and steady swing will produce the best and most controlled fly path. You would not want a wobbly club hitting your golf ball all over the place.

Feel the handle, the grip, see how soft it feels to the bare skin, then try on a pair of gloves and see how it feels with that. You should try gripping the club in different scenarios – some shoppers even wet their hands with water to see how the club will fare with a sweaty grip.

The Look

Looks might not fall too big in the criteria, but then again, you would not see unpainted Taylormade golf irons, either. Aesthetics still come into play even for golfing equipment, as you should get a set of clubs with a design you are comfortable, if not proud of. Imagine a hardcore rock star given a baby pink guitar with glittery unicorns painted all over – do you think he could still play? He might be too embarrassed or distracted by his equipment’s design to be able to perform his best. The same goes in sports, golf included. The design should be tasteful enough to show class and to give pride to the owner, and if the owner is proud of how his or her golf clubs look, then you can be sure that he will be more confident in his or her swing.

The Promise

The most important aspect would have to be the performance, of course. Those expensive clubs promise an extra boost in terms of distance, but does it deliver? You would not want to pay hundreds of dollars for a set of golf clubs that do not seem to do what they promised to.

Testing this could be tricky, however, as the best way to know is to try the golf club for yourself, using your own hands, skills, and technique. Most stores will not have that kind of testing capability, and you could not absolutely rely on advertisement statistics, as those were gathered using robotic testing, meaning results could vary in humans. The best way to go at this is to check out reputable reviews, or, if you have friends who have the golf clubs you want to purchase, ask them if you could try them out for yourself.

Worth the Price

Many will think twice before buying a premium set of Ping or Taylormade golf clubs simply because they are indeed expensive. However, if the clubs were made with a design that you really like, with a weight and feel that you absolutely love, and if they perform just as they said they would, then the price should not a problem as you would have definitely purchased a better set of golf clubs that were worth every penny.

Author Bio:

Rockbottomgolf values the experience of their customers by giving them a chance to avoid the need to pay for fee. This is possible by separately ordering an item which is closely similar to the one previously purchased, if not the exact one.

The Challenge in Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are being given out these days for merit, an upgrade in the ranking, acknowledgement of membership, and exclusivity. There are people who hardly know what challenge coins stand for. Because most organizations these days give their participants challenge coins, they see these medallions only as tokens of appreciations or a thing of honour. That is not bad at all. However, challenge coins hold more sentimental value to the brave people of military than to a normal organization member who is just looking for acceptance and promotion.

Challenge coins do not equate to a huge monetary value. It’s not like the usual coin that you can buy or bid for a higher price. It might not seem as much as the regular coin but the history behind it is enough to consider these medallions priced possessions. During the war eras, these coins play an important role in the duty of a soldier. They presented challenges that determine whether a soldier is diligently following orders of carrying the medallions all the time.

Challenge CoinsIn the earlier days of the military, the challenge coins or the medallions serve as a badge of alliance and brotherhood among members of a unit. It was imperative then that a volunteer or a soldier must always carry his medallion with him in the event that a challenge came up. The members were always subjected to a challenge that involved their military coins. There were no formal rules regarding the challenge and they always differ depending on the organization. The purpose of the challenge was to raise discipline and morale within a unit.

During that time, the challenge can happen at any moment on a table or in bar. The challenge starts as soon as the challenger, usually the lieutenant or an officer, draws his coin and smacks it flat on the table. Tapping the coin on a surface or dropping a coin may also signify a call for a challenge to everyone who is present in the area.

All the challenged soldiers must show their military coins for the officer or the challenger to see. Failure to produce his medallion means having to buy drinks for the challenger and the other participants who are able to produce coins. On the contrary, the challenger must buy everyone a round of drinks in the event that all challenged soldier are able to show their military coins.

There are rules in some organizations which allow a challenged person to pass off a coin to another challenged person if he has an extra coin. Everyone who is participating in the challenge must also buy a person a round of drinks should that person able to steal a challenge coin from another person. There are some rules which require every participant of the challenge to buy a drink for the person who possesses the highest-ranking coin. These high-ranking coins are passed on by an official to a soldier during a handshake. Some challenges are timed and has stricter, although informal, rules.

A coin will only count as a challenge coin if it’s placed somewhere that is not always accessible to the coin holder like tiny pouches around the neck. If the challenge coin is placed on the belt or is worn as an accessory, then it can’t be considered a challenge coin. Rules of a challenge aren’t always the same in every unit. This is why complications occur when a person from another unit is challenged by a lieutenant from another unit.

Today, people who collect challenge coins practice the game in their own time. Whereas before, this challenge defines camaraderie and discipline in a unit, today they are considered a fun game where everyone can exercise attentiveness and discipline as well.

Advantages of Having Good Employee Engagement

The usual work setting nowadays involves working for eight hours a day, five days a week – excluding holidays. That means employees see their co-employees for at least five times a week. If there are good relationships between employees, that five times a week could be a delight. But if there are bad relationships between employees, that five times a week could be a disaster. This example alone highlights the importance of having good employee engagement.

It is a very important part in employees’ lives, because they will experience it for a majority of their lifetime. Compared to unengaged employees, engaged employees are generally better. Engaged employees work better, faster, and more efficiently. They are more productive compared to unengaged employees. Having said all these, having engaged employees has advantages, and here are some of them:

Employee EngagementEngaged employees work faster compared to unengaged employees. Because of this, there will be more work done by engaged employees. More work done amounts to more profit earned. And more profit earned results to happier employees. This cycle will go on and on. Having a good employee engagement helps maintain this cycle. Having it ensures that employees stay motivated to accomplish their goals, which are in line with the company’s goals.

This is a form of a mutualistic type of relationship, wherein both parties acquire and enjoy benefits: The employees will be happier and earn more money, while the company makes more money as well. If this situation is reached, it is a sign that a harmonious working environment is present, and employees are motivated enough to work for other people. This is the best scenario that can be achieved by the management.

Having good employee engagement also means that the leaders of the company are well trained, thus assuring that the company will not fail and will not be mismanaged. Having the advantage of good leadership is essential in today’s society because it ensures survival and stability. Employees need not fear that they will be unnecessarily laid off because of labor situations. Company stability ensures employees that they will continue to earn money, just as long as they do their job very well, without compromising the goals of the company.

They will only think of how to do their best to continue to earn money for their families. With this, they can place the majority of their attention on doing their work properly, producing quality output, and making money. Again, this is beneficial both to the employee and to the company. The company maintains its integrity – providing work opportunities for employees, all while earning money.

Finally, having good employee engagement produces less stress on all parties involved. Stress is a major killer of people (and productivity) nowadays, because it can lead to more serious physical conditions. Having less stress results to a more physically healthy body. This works because having good employee engagement means fewer arguments between bosses and employees, as well as having a great working environment. Nobody wants to have additional stress. People’s lives are difficult enough, that to make it more difficult is considered to be suicidal.

Everybody wants to have fewer problems than they currently have, and getting lesser amounts of stress helps in that case. Having fewer problems means more energy could be directed in making quality work, and maintaining sound interpersonal interactions. Fewer stress leads to fewer problems. Fewer problems lead to better health. Better health leads to better work. Better work leads to more money, and more money means happiness both to the company and to the employees. And in this situation, everybody benefits, and everybody wins.

How People Use their Neck Lanyards

Neck lanyards are not just for office purposes. Laces often come in various width, texture and material, allowing manufacturers to develop designs that are fashionable and sometimes, personalized. Here are some of the top six items that people attach to their lanyards.

  • Back to the olden times, the original purpose of neck lanyards is to hold whistles and pistols for sports. People attach their whistles to lanyards to avoid placing them on unclean surfaces. Until now, we can still see coaches and team leaders wearing one around their necks.
  • Neck lanyards are conventionally used as ID and card holders. Companies, schools and organizations get custom made lanyards with printed logo of the name. They are also used to hold identification cards for company visitors.
  • Neck LanyardsMany people like the idea of hanging their phones around their necks. The connector at the end of the lace has a detachable cord that can be inserted to cord outlet of phones. Since the device is placed in front of the owner, it provides better security than being placed in bags or pockets. It is also advisable it if the phone is frequently used. Most lanyards can also be custom made to match phone skins and covers.
  • According to a research, at least 1.7 million people in America lose their car keys in a year. Keys are among the most important valuables that often get misplaced. Since they’re tiny and don’t have some sort of alarm system when lost, keys are best attached to neck lanyards.
  • Today, USB and flash drive data carriers come in sleek and miniscule forms. Some USBs have a capacity of 1 terabyte, but look just about the size of a thumb. These items often carry important virtual files so they have to be protected. To secure your files, you should attach them to a lanyard. You can easily hang them on hooks so you can find them effortlessly the next time you’ll use it.
  • Cameras have this hand lace, a shorter version of lanyards that secures it by wearing it around the arm. However, if you wish to free your hand while enjoying scenic view and whichever tour you’re in, attaching your camera to a lanyard is the best option. You can freely move, while having your device ready anytime you see a picture perfect spot.

With these items that lanyard can hold, it is not hard to see why more and more people are buying one for themselves. Lanyards also don’t cost a lot, even the high quality ones. You can create from scratch and have your own lanyard design come to life through cutting edge technology like heat press, embossed print, laser and dye sublimation. The print would be embedded into the material so it won’t wear off easily. You can also choose a cheaper option, which is the tubular type made with silk screen printing. This is ideal for basic type fonts and lettering. There are also a lot of modern designs for lanyards that suit the newest fashion trends.

Whether you want to start a business on lanyards, or you need to order for a group or event, The Lanyard Authority will surely provide the best quality items at wholesale prices. They have a wide range of lanyard types that would suit your needs whether you want a low-cost material, high end printing procedure or durable type of cord. They also have lanyard hardware and badge reels. They can produce retractable, breakaway, quick release, adjusters and all sorts of hook to attach at the end of your neck lanyards. Give The Lanyard Authority a call and get a free quote today.